About Knox Masonry ~  Historic Masonry Restoration Specialists 

Knox Masonry LLC. offers a full range of residential and commercial services and specialize is Historic Restorations. Our coverage area includes Maine and the entire United States.

Please contact us to discuss your restoration project or dream fireplace.

Our Services Include:

* Assessment Reports/ Consultation
* Historic Restoration w Historic Techniques
* Brick & Block
* Stonework
* Federal Government projects
* Fireplaces 
* Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

*Residential Projects

*Commercial Projects

Maine Masonry
historic maine masonry

During each project every effort is taken to preserve the “historic fabric” of your building. When choosing Knox as your restoration contractor you can rest assured that your irreplaceable structure is in capable hands. Owner David Leeman, frequently reviews the most up to date restoration techniques and is always refining his company's skills.

Serving the Entire State of Maine and the United States for all your Masonry needs, Knox Masonry LLC has been in business since 2000, working on the premise, that quality handcraftmanship and open communication with their client base has continued to help them grow and expand every year.

Knox Masonry will travel to meet and assess a client's needs in a timely manner, and will work within a budget to complete a project worth being proud of. Call Knox Masonry today if you are looking for innovative, creative, high quality restoration repair or new construction service.

The Benefits of Masonry

Building with masonry offers a number of benefits for the homeowner including protection, low maintenance living, savings and value. Below are more reasons to renovate, repair or build with masonry. 

Fire Resistant:

Non-combustible materials

Weather Resistant:

Exterior walls that will hold up to heavy storms.

Termite Resistant and Protection from Rotting, Mold and Fungus:
Exterior walls made of masonry means there's no wood to eat! and with no exterior wood on the walls, there is nothing to rot and masonry plays a large role in significantly reducing or eliminating the build-up of fungus and mildew between interior and exterior walls.

Superior Sound Proofing:
Masonry blocks out noise better than traditional building materials, resulting in a quieter home environment.

Lower Utility Bills:
Concrete block, combined with 'thermal mass' insulation systems, stores more energy, meaning it stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing electric consumption, therefore lower utility bills.

Lower Insurance Premiums:
Masonry provides higher levels of security, fire and termite protection, and does a better job of weathering the storm, this may lower your premiums.

Environmentally Friendly:
Masonry products are earth-friendly because they do not deplete precious natural and limited resources like timber.

Increased Resale Appeal:
Masonry homes offer a greater resale value than other forms of construction.