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 Knox Masonry ~  Historic Masonry Restoration Specialists 


Knox Masonry LLC based in Maine  provides historic masonry restoration and renovation services throughout the United States. 


We specialize in HISTORIC MASONRY Restoration and Renovation and work under strong guidelines that adhere to historic preservation principles.


Our commitment to quality and a standard of excellence on every level is the foundation the company has been built upon.


Our skilled and conscientious craftsmen specialize in the historic repair, replication and restoration of any structure we are contracted to work on. Our goal is to restore the structure back to its original condition.

Knox Masonry

We have earned a reputation with homeowners, remodeling contractors, building owners, management companies, to be one of the best replication and restoration companies to work with. Check out our blog to learn more about historic restoration. 

Call us today at 207-469-2220 to make an appointment.

* Historic Restoration with

Historic Techniques

*Historic project management

* Mortar Analysis
* Fireplaces

* Seawall construction and repair

* Historic repair consultation

* Cemetery monument restoration

* Federal Government projects

historic masonry preservation
Historic Masonry
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