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The Fort Knox Restoration Project

Updated: Apr 9, 2019


from the newsletter

Spring 2004 The Friends of Fort Knox reported that a significant masonry restoration project was undertaken at the National Historic Landmark last summer that targeted interior granite joints. The contractor, Knox Masonry, focused on repointing the interior east facing granite wall that had a large amount of degraded mortar and vegetation growing between the mortar joints.

David Leeman, Knox Masonry, repointing granite blocks within the Fort.

The Friends conferred with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands and Maine State Historic Preservation Office prior to beginning the project. Samples of the original mortar used in Fort construction were analyzed and upon recommendation from the State Historic Preservation Office, a natural cement mix was recommended, which mirrors what would have been used in the 19th Century. The mortar mix, Rosendale natural cement, is quite expensive costing approximately $64 a bag. The work was undertaken by Knox Masonry, Bucksport, by mason David Leeman, who is certified by the Maine Historic Preservation Office in masonry restoration work. Prior to granite block repointing, Leeman repaired two interior brick walls that were likely damaged by visitors kicking at the walls. The masonry work is expected to continue during 2014.

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