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The Mausoleum was built in 1868 presumably using local granite. It has been virtually untouched since. It sits in the Togus National Cemetery in Augusta, ME. Knox Masonry was hired to remove the entire face of the Mausoleum and adjoining 60' stone wall. During the demolition each stone was labeled and catalogued for the eventual rebuild. No major repairs had been done since its constitution in 1868. Traces of the original mortar and ties were found under the granite blocks. This project required Historic Masonry qualifications.

Last fall we photographed and cataloged the blocks before dismantling it. In addition to the Mausoleum face we also removed an adjoining stone wall and cataloged it in preparation for a spring rebuild.

Above: Digging out from a long winter under snow! Freshening up the labels.

Soggy rainy day....Mason melt the rain because were made of sugar.

Finally!!! Cap stone on

This renovation work will stand for the next 100 years!

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