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Bill Green's Maine and Knox Masonry

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Knox Masonry had the honor to be a part of Bill Green's Maine which we still are pinching ourselves about.

We would like to share the video and some personal photos after.

Rock star picks things up and puts things down

David Leeman uses techniques that honor the original builders who worked in stone.

Author: WCSH

Published: 3:34 PM EDT June 1, 2018

Updated: 3:11 PM EDT June 3, 2018

BUCKSPORT (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- When David Leeman looks at a granite building he sees much more than old stone laid more than century ago. "It's almost like evolutionary thought. The farther back you go, you think the less intelligent they were, but I almost think the reverse." Leeman owns Knox Masonry. He does historic renovation specially in granite work.



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